Eta Rho

University of North Alabama


Claire Perry


Molly Kiel

VP I: Vice President

"I love being VP1 because I can help my sisters event plan. Seeing our events come to life after hours of planning and growing as a leader is so rewarding!"

Sydney Kate Lockhart

VP II: New Member Coordinator

Geneva Alexander

VP III: Recruitment Chair

"I love being Recruitment chair because I hold ZTA on such a high pedestal and I want others to see it the way I do. Recruitment chair gives me the opportunity to be a leader and to represent this chapter as royalty as it should be."

Makinley Barnett

Ritual Chair

"I love being ZTA's ritual chair because rituals are such important events in each Zeta's life and I get to help make them special. Rituals bind every Zeta together no matter where they are or how long they've been a part of the chapter."

Lauren Bowden


"Being Historian for ZTA has been a blast! It has truly broadened my creative mind and is something I truly love doing every single day!"

Bethany Bryant


"I love being secretary on EC because it is a way to talk to everyone. We have over 140 girls, so it is fun getting to put a face to a name."

Clair Kennedy

Risk Management Chair

"I love being on EC because it is a way to learn everyone's name and their thoughts. Risk Management is an amazing opportunity to help coordinate events and assist the safety of others."

Karli Hill

Academic Chair

"I enjoy being Academic chair because every member has the ability to excel and I love being able to help them do that!"

Amelia O'Dell


Abbey Dewberry

Panhellenic Delegate

"Being on EC as Panhellenic Delegate has been one of the best decisions I've made. I love getting to represent ZTA and connecting with other Panhellenic women."

Maggie Arnold

House Manager

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